Thursday, September 25, 2014

Electrical Panel Contractor Service in Irvine, CA - Service Tips from Irvine Plumbing and Rooter Pros

                                   Electrical Panel Installation and Home Re-Wiring Tips

Residential rewiring, installation, and the upkeep of electrical panels, and circuit breaker installation can require a residential wiring contractor in Irvine, CA. At Irvine Plumbing and Rooter Pros, with that in mind, here are some house re-wiring and electrical panel inspection tips.

One of the most important considerations involving electrical panel installation and home wiring and re-wiring is that this type of work can be dangerous in untrained hands. You need to be aware of national and local electrical codes, power must be turned off, and you should use a non-contract voltage tester to be absolutely certain no hot wires are left in the circuit before work has begun. Sometimes electrical panel boxes are poorly marked, so double checking is always key, and one of the first things any professional does.

Basic house wiring starts at the main service panel. This is where the main breaker is located.
Installing a new panel is a large job, and while adding a circuit is less onerous, it still requires precautions and precision. For one thing, there are a variety of different types of circuits in the home, including 240 volt circuits which are used for large appliances like stoves, hot water tanks, and dryers. Basic house wiring uses copper wiring in all homes built recently. Houses constructed in the 1970's or earlier can have aluminum wire in them, which, due to fire hazard, should be replaced. Knowing what type and thickness of wire to use within the home depends on the circumstances in which it’s used - another reason to have a professional work on home wiring and panels.

Like wiring, circuit breaker types vary and depend on usage. Because circuit breakers are usually specifically tied to a panel manufacturer, it’s important to make sure that any replacements or additions are compatible.

For all these reasons, choosing a professional to handle your electrical panel installation and home rewiring can be the best choice for homeowners.

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